Rigo’s Meal, launched in August 2016 by Venezuelan Entrepreneur Mayi Reveron

Rigo’s Meal, launched in August 2016 by Venezuelan Entrepreneur Mayi Reveron, is the most successful local, artisan, locally sourced, handcrafted  raw dog food diet available in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area. The brand has been very successful in efficiently acquiring customers in farmer markets, special events, and non-traditional retail partnerships and converting them into profitable online customers at https://rigosmeal.com . Rigo’s Meal offers a fantastic artisan natural dog food product with exceptional quality that consistently builds health improvement for dogs and loyalty with dog owners. We have seen year after year how this fantastic dog food makes local doggies healthy and even helps to cure some ailments like skin irritation, kidney stones, and allergies. There are tens of dog owner testimonials in that regard. Rigo’s Meal is probably the most successful natural raw dog food startup in South Florida. The compounded annual growth rate for this company has been 50% for the last three years. Most of the new customers come referred from current customers, and many local dog food experts consider Rigo’s Meal products among the very best in the Miami area. Rigo’s Meal is a company with high growth potential in the US, and its business model is mostly online, so it’s highly attractive to angel investors and possibly venture capital. It could be considered a successful tech startup in many ways.  Soon, this company will surely drive employment and economic progress in South Florida and, most probably, scale nationwide. Business transformer Cesar Prato mentored them to launch and grow their business. 

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