The US is a very stable and competitive marketplace. Frequently immigrant entrepreneurs lack the experience and local savvy to rapidly device the right strategies and correctly pivot and adapt to this challenging economy.

We thrive helping immigrant entrepreneurs and small businesses enter, avoid risk, reduce costsand SUCCEED in the U.S. market. BRAINBOX is designed to help you identify the right competitive strategy for your business and accelerate your break-even point andpay-back times.

We are team of Business Mentors integrated under one roof, BRAINBOX, a unique coworking space with only one goal in mind, help you successfully start, grow and scale your business in the US.



Be extremely efficient since day #1

We help you mitigate the learning curve impact you’ve got expert mentors at your side to guide you before you leap: advice, support, know how, the ideal networking for your business

Have a Solid Market Entry or Business Growth/Scale Strategy

Know exactly what you should be doing, and more importantly, what you should not be doing.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Fly past the costly trial and error stage where others often fail.

Discipline to guide your Initiative do the timely follow up and always follow through.

It’s a team effort, you’ll never feel alone

Fastest Path to Sales

Shave critical time off the path to seeing your first sales and Return on Investment ROI.

Move the needle

for your business

5 million

Businesses owned by Latin American immipreneurs in the US


Growth of Latin American immigrant owned business


Latin American immigrant owned business with revenues

greater than 1 million


Our one-stop mentoring solution includes everything, from the “Right Strategy” to accelerating you execute the activities so your business enters the vast US market poised for the win. No matter what stage your business is at, we have the right MEMBERSHIP for you!

Business Optimization

USD 699/mo

Is for running business looking to optimize their processes, evaluate new alternatives, business models or need support to put in place their strategy to produce the best results in a short period of time.

  • Minimun duration: 2 months
  • Personal Coaching: 2hrs per week
  • Unlimited event access
  • Co-Working space at 20% discount rate
  • Curated Resources

Business Acceleration

USD 999/mo

Is for starting entrepreneurs who have an idea or have started their venture. You appreciate getting support in testing your beliefs, reaching your goals and holding you accountable to push you in times needed.

  • Minimun duration: 4 months
  • Personal Coaching: 3hrs per week
  • Unlimited event access
  • Accountability Track. (Follow up – Follow through)
  • Co-Working space at 20% discount rate
  • Curated Resources

Business Transformation

USD 1.499/mo

is for startups and small business owners who are committed to continuous self improvement and are looking to get challenged on the fundamentals of running your business. You are looking for a business partner to give you personal coaching to support you in growing your business to new levels of professionalism and profitability.

  • Minimun duration: 6 months
  • Personal Coaching: 5hrs per week
  • Unlimited event access
  • Co-Working space at 20% discount rate
  • Curated Resources
  • Accountability Track. (Follow up – Follow through)



  • 4 Personal Coaching Sessions (1hr per session)
  • Customer & Partnership Leads (via our extensive business network)
  • Certificate of completion

Course Material

  • Ask the right questions (Why, Who, How): ID your passion and skills.
  • What’s out there: ID your market and find emerging market trends.
  • Go to Market: Define the best strategy.
  • Know your audience: Dissect and Analyze your potential client.
  • Be seen: Create your trigger messages.
  • The legalities
  • BONUS: Build a winning value proposition

Mini-MBA for Startups

  • 8 Personal Coaching Sessions (1hr per session)
  • Customer & Partnership Leads (via our extensive business network)
  • Certificate of completion

Course Material

  • Ask the right questions (Why, Who, How): ID your passion and skills.
  • Build a winning value proposition.
  • Design and implement a cost effective commercial prototype.
  • Financial Potential Modeling and KPI’s.
  • Flawless Market Entry Strategy.
  • Efficient Business Growth-Scale strategy.
  • The raw truth about online sales.
  • The legalities.

We are a team

of Business Mentors

A “hands on” specialized immigrant entrepreneur mentorship coworking center that offers the US business know-how, a strong community based entrepreneur support system and the access to local key business connections needed to identify, tackle and capitalize local, regional and national market opportunities.

We work with innovative and forward-thinking, experienced business consultants/mentors/allies to provide our immipreneurs with “real world” consulting techniques, a clear strategy with a clear value proposition, targeting the right market.

We infuse our members with commitment, discipline and focus while supporting their enthusiasm.

We offer our immipreneurs a reliable and effective coworking community that stimulates collaboration carves the pathway for immigrant business to enter, grow and scale in the U.S. market.

Meet The Team

We know how it feels, we know what we needed when we started, we learned by doing…

Now, we want to do it for you.

Cesar Prato

My name is Cesar Prato, CEO & Founder of Eztratego, a Miami based business consulting boutique firm that helps immigrant entrepreneurs and small business launch, grow, scale, and positively transform their ventures operating in the US.

I’m a business consultant, mentor, and regular speaker in business events. I focus on identifying the right custom strategy to dramatically improve the Client’s businesses in less than six months.

My approach is to accelerate revenue growth with emerging market trends and customer lifetime value, optimize the organization for the resulting turbulence, and coach the immigrant entrepreneur for peak performance. Since 2015 I’ve helped more than forty entrepreneurs accelerate their time to market, break-even points, and investment paybacks in the US

Alfonso Riveroll-P

I am a Venezuelan businessman, founder of a conglomerate of companies committed to the development of technological solutions on an international scale, among which is

I was educated in important houses of study in the United States such as Florida International University, where I received a degree in Finance and International Business and in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where I obtained an MBA in Finance.


Brainbox offers you a quick, flexible and and attainable work space solution to satisfy all your need.

Productivity, innovation and full amenities in a great place filled with Wynwood artistic vibes.

Private Suites

Fully equipped private suites ready to use. Working in a private office offers you and your team all the benefits of work in groups,

Starting from 650$

War Room

These meeting rooms allows you to create a professional work environment.

Our meeting rooms have different sizes.

Starting from 25$/h


You can have your personal space or use which ever space you like. Choose your options between our hot or dedicated desk.

Starting from 250$

Virtual Offices

Our virtual offices allows you to offer your clients a professional impression of your work.It includes mail and packaging handling.

Starting from 99$


War Room

Our war rooms have different sizes and are great for private meetings, large groups and small groups for learning sessions.

Huddle Room

Our huddle rooms have smaller sizes, perfect for a more cozy and personal meeting. Every room is available up to 4 to 6 people.

142 NW 37th St, Miami
(305) 563 64 13

Awesomeness happens here

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